Ako hlasovali členovia Európskeho parlamentu vo vzťahu ku „Lunacek report“?

Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the Lunacek Report, officially known as a report on „The EU Roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Because of your effort, we can safely attest that the Members of European Parliament (MEP) who voted in favor of the report did so against the wishes of the people. In total, nearly210,000 people signed a petition on CitizenGOagainst the Lunacek Report. You should be very proud of your effort! The opposition against the Lunacek Report was the single greatest demonstration against an EP report.  

The opposition to the Lunacek Report was a real movement created and driven by the people of Europe. CitizenGO was not the only group that gave European citizens a voice to oppose this report:

  • 40,000 citizens from Spain signed a petition created by HazteOir.org. This petition was delivered directly to MEPs.
  • Many Pro-Family organizations throughout Europe offered constituent services.
  • On 2 February, Hundreds of Thousands gathered in various European cities united in peaceful demonstration against the Lunacek Report.
  • There were mass letter writing campaigns to MEPs.
  • Countless phone calls made directly to MEPs.

It is safe to say that over 1 million European citizens spoke out in opposition of the Lunacek Report.

So, what went wrong?

Each MEP holds the responsibility of reporting to Brussels and voting as a representation to the wishes of their constituency. On 4 February, this body did not do so. To their advantage, the LGBT lobby has a full functioning wing inside the EP. This wing consists of elected MEPs, EP employees, and paid activists that are ready to fight in favor of the lobby. Prime examples of the influence created by this wing are the activities surrounding the Lunacek Report.

In response to our petition, we heard from various MEPs that identified themselves as either in favor or against the Lunacek Report. Many MEPs or EP employees reported that there were very few communications received from citizens in favor of the Lunacek Report. We know for certain that around 1 million citizens spoke out against the Lunacek Report, and very few contacted their MEP in favor.

We may have lost this battle, but the war for families in Europe is anything but over. The current status of the Lunacek Report is non-binding, but each member state reserves the right to incorporate it into local law, thus making it binding for that individual member state. Based off the efforts put forth by your demonstration against the Lunacek Report, we feel obligated by you to fight the consequences of this report at the member state level. In doing this, we will continue to regularly send you emails that directly deal with issues in your individual country. To help us make a difference, we ask you to continue responding to our emails, sign petitions that interest you, and forward them to your friends and family. Together, we will continue forward, and we will change the world for life, family, and freedom.

With the European Parliament election coming soon, we want you to be educated on the voting record of your MEP. It is important that you elect MEPs that directly represent your values.

If you click this link, it will take you to a website informing you how your MEP voted on the Lunacek Report:  http://www.votewatch.eu/en/homophobia-and-discrimination-on-grounds-of-sexual-orientation-and-gender-identity-motion-for-resolu-2.htmlm=auto,0,364

In this case, a vote in favor (green) was for the report. 76 MEPs chose to abstain (yellow) which was not helpful in defeating the report.

Thank you for your effort. Please help us in the future to continue forward in winning this fight!

Thank you,

Gregory Mertz and the whole CitizenGO team

Name Group Member State


Loyal / Rebel to political group

Edit BAUER EPP Slovakia  


Monika FLAŠÍKOVÁ BEŇOVÁ S&D Slovakia  


Sergej KOZLÍK ALDE/ADLE Slovakia  

Didn’t vote

Eduard KUKAN EPP Slovakia  


Vladimír MAŇKA S&D Slovakia  


Miroslav MIKOLÁŠIK EPP Slovakia  


Alajos MÉSZÁROS EPP Slovakia  


Katarína NEVEĎALOVÁ S&D Slovakia  


Jaroslav PAŠKA EFD Slovakia  


Monika SMOLKOVÁ S&D Slovakia  

Didn’t vote

Boris ZALA S&D Slovakia  

Didn’t vote

Anna ZÁBORSKÁ EPP Slovakia  


Peter ŠŤASTNÝ EPP Slovakia